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OTES on the Go (4.6v4) the easiest most efficient way to complete OTES requirements
•Now optimized to work with Windows 8 Devices
•Works well with eTPES Option 1, 2 or 3
Integrates with eTPES
•Complete short OTES walkthrough evaluations
•Complete formal narrative observations with greatly reduced typing
•Copy data directly to eTPES for Option 1 schools
•Create PDF forms for Option 2 schools
•Rate narrative observation and all evidence with the OTES rubric
•Schedule observations/send to your calendar
•Create custom walkthrough forms
•Building annual site license as low as $20
•Create yearly reports or date range reports
•Auto complete the Teacher Performance Evaluation Rubric
Building summary reports for walkthroughs and formal observations
•Easily dictate hand written observations directly into OTES on the Go
•Add district specific forms to the OTES on the Go
•Transfer data from one observation or walkthrough to another
•Complete Evaluation Rubric Checklist to document a teacher's skill, areas of need and targets for improvements
•Includes the Professional Growth Plan
•Import teacher names and email addresses

OTES 2015-16 Specials (if purchased before December 31st, 2015)
•County discounts - 25% if over 50% of the districts in the county purchase OTES on the Go; 33% if over 75% of the districts purchase and 50% if 100% of the districts in the county purchase OTES on the Go
•Free 2015-16 license for OPES on the Go and OPES Self-Assessment Tool


What districts are using OTES on the Go

You must have FileMaker Go 13 or 14 installed on your iPad to use this solution. If you don't have FileMaker Go installed on your iPhone/iPad, FileMaker Go 14 is a free app on the iTunes App store. After installing FileMaker Go 14, the App will open with a tour of FileMaker Go. If you want to close the tour, tap on the folder in the upper left corner and select Close File.
(download FileMaker Go 14)

Attention IOS 8 users: iOS 8 changed the way that files download to your iPad or iPhone. Files will no longer automatically open after they are downloaded. The files will download to the Files on Device section in FileMaker Go 13 or 14 but you will now need to open the install_otes_13.fmp12 files to complete the installation (if you are downloading the OTES Update you will need to open the update_otes.fmp12 file). **This issue has been corrected in iOS 8.4** Tap here for further iOS 8 download directions.
Attention IOS 9 users: There is an issue with using a bluetooth keyboard when using FileMaker Go 14. If you are using a bluetooth keyboard the bottom half of the ipad will display a white shadow where the iPad keyboard would normally be. The bluetooth keyboard will still work. FileMaker is aware of this problem and an update should be available shortly to correct this issue. This is not an issue if you are using FileMaker Go 13 or iOS 8. **This issue has been corrected in the latest FileMaker Go 14 update**

Tap to Download OTES on the Go to your iPad or iPhone (5 or greater) (FileMaker Go 13 or 14 must first be installed).

Tap to download Windows 8 or 10 version

OTES on the Go help PDF

If you have a prior version of OTES on the Go and would like to update to the latest version. Read the update directions below, then tap the following link to install the latest OTES on the Go update:

Install the 4.6v4 OTES Update (install only if you have a previous version installed on your iPad/iPhone)
WARNING: It is highly recommended to restart your iPad before running an update. This clears out potential memory problems that could cause problems during updating that might result in a loss of data. Only download the updater if you have restarted your iPad first.

This update will only update the OTES_otg file on your iPad. Before you install the update, you should close the OTES on the Go on your iPad. Only run this update if you have been using a file named OTES_otg to enter data. Data from the old file will transfer to the updated file.
It is also highly recommended to make an external backup of your file in case something happens on the iPad that disrupts the update routine which could result in a loss of your data. Click here to view directions on how to make a copy of the OTES file that is either stored in another location or sent to your email account. Having an external backup is very important if something ever happens to your iPad, you'll have a copy of the OTES file that can be reinstalled on an iPad.

You must also have FileMaker Go 13 or 14 installed to use this update. If you only have FileMaker Go 12 installed on your iPad, you will need to install FileMaker Go 13 to your iPad. You will also need to move the OTES_otg file from FileMaker Go 12 to FileMaker Go 13 or 14. You can do this my using iTunes to copy the OTES_otg file from your FileMaker Go 12 folder to your computer and then copy it from your computer to the FileMaker Go 13 folder. After completing this, you can then run the update. Once the update is ran, do not continue to use the FileMaker Go 12 version. The FileMaker Go 12 icon has a blue/purple background and FileMaker Go 13 has a white background.

Recent fixes include correcting problems with emailing some of the forms, storing private notes, printing the final summative page, deleting additional evidence, deleting lines from an observation, increasing size of printed comments on the observation, enter dates on the teacher list, auto-correct now works on the scripted narrative, generating a current observation report when additional evidence is added, copy/paste issue with 4.6 version and fixed a problem with signatures remain on the Current Observation Report.

•Recent Additions: OTES Teacher Evaluation Rubric Checklist; OTES Professional Growth Plan; eTPES integration; Improved rubric scoring; send observation dates to your calendar; Import teacher names and email addresses; Updated Summative Page (original framework and alternative framework); Signature for Windows 8/10 devices

Here are a couple links on how to use iTunes to transfer files:

For a Limited time, the following iPad/iPhone Apps are free:

Caught Being Good - Create personalized reward certificates from your iPad or iPhone
Daily Reports on the Go -Easily create daily reports for students
Student Growth Calculator - the easiest way to track student growth
Common Core on the Go - manage student progress on the Common Core standards
TES on the Go - Teacher Evaluation/Observations (all states besides Ohio)
Rimp on the Go - track student progress for the Ohio 3rd grade guarantee
Student Learning Objective on the Go- Create Ohio SLOs and measure student progress

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. My district is an Option 1 district and I have to enter all the observation data into eTPES. Can OTES on the Go help me?

OTES on the Go now has an option to log into eTPES directly from OTES on the Go. You can use all of the great features in OTES on the Go to enter your observations. Then easily copy the data from OTES on the Go into eTPES. This also gives you the option to do your observations offline and transfer the data to eTPES when you have a WiFi connection. You can also export all of the data to a text file that can be used to copy the data to eTPES.

2. I’m not a very good typist and I prefer to hand write my observations. How can OTES on the Go benefit me?

OTES on the Go actually works very well if you hand write observations. You can use the microphone option on the iPad keyboard to dictate the written observation into OTES on the Go. Then you can take advantage of all of the great features in OTES on the Go.

3. Can OTES on the Go be used just on a computer?

Yes, if you have FileMaker Pro 13 installed on the computer. You can download a trial version of FileMaker Pro 13 at
Download Trial
The OTES on the Go file can be downloaded at
Download OTES

4. I’m worried about losing all of my data if something happens to my iPad. What can I do to prevent this?

You can easily send a copy of the OTES_otg file that contains all of your data to another storage location. If something happens to your iPad, you can reinstall the copied file with all of your data. The procedures on how to make a copy of the OTES_otg file are covered in the OTES on the Go Help. Your district could also use the network version of OTES on the Go which does not store any data on the iPad.

5. I use the network version of OTES on the Go. How can I work on OTES on the Go if I don’t have a WiFi connection?

OTES on the Go now has the ability to transfer an observation from the standalone version of the program to the network version of the program. So when you don’t have a WiFi connection you could work on the standalone version and transfer it to the network when you have a WiFi connection.

6. Occasionally I will do an observation of two teachers team teaching. Can I copy the observation into another observation?

There is now an option in OTES on the Go to copy and transfer an observation or walkthrough to another observation or walkthrough.

7. How can I work on by iPad or iPhone and my computer?

If you use the network version of OTES on the Go, you can use an iPhone, iPad and computer to enter data. The option to do this can be found by tapping on the little gear in the upper right corner of the iPad screen and then tap Perform Script.

8. Should I rate everything I observe with the OTES Rubric?

This is up to the user but it is recommended to rate items that you think are significant to the observation.

9. Occasionally the program doesn’t work as expected. What can I do about this?

When the program doesn’t work as expected it is recommended to restart the iPad. A restart of the iPad usually will correct a majority of the problems you might have with the program. Another option is to check the website ( to see if you have the latest update to the program. Updates include new features and bug fixes. An update can be downloaded to your iPhone or iPad from the website.

10. Can district specific forms be added to OTES on the Go?

OTES on the Go has an option to use custom district specific forms. Contact Practical Solutions For Educators for more information on adding district specific forms to OTES on the Go.