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Ticket Manager on the Go (2.0v1)
•The easiest most efficient way to manage sales and tickets for your sporting events
•Improve your current cumbersome ticket procedures
•Can work in conjunction with your current athletic tickets
•Easily generate your ticket reports for the state auditors
•Scan tickets or stubs directly to the ticket report using the iPad/iPhone camera
•Generates a summary report of all sporting events
•Generate a summary report of all of your beginning and ending tickets
•Can be used for selling presale tickets
•The ideal solution for general admission tickets
•Can eliminates the need for tickets
•Sign reports directly on the iPad/iPhone
•Email reports with the tap of the button
•Works on an iPad, iPad mini or iPhone (5, 5s, 5c landscape mode)
Upgrades in 2.0v1
•Create business card size season passes with barcodes
•Scan season passes to track season pass attendance
•Can be used with existing barcode passes
•Generate season pass reports

League/County Discounts: Both of these solutions are currently free for the rest of the 2014-15 school year. For a limited time league or county discounts are available for the 2015-16 school year.

•25% discount if over 50% of high schools in your league or county purchase
•33% discount if over 75% of high schools in your league or county purchase
•50% discount if all high schools in your league or county purchase

A state athletic association stated, "Ticket inventories should be closely monitored and accounted for by periodically conducting a physical inspection of the tickets and comparing the last reported ticket sold to the number present on the roll and the colors of tickets remaining in the inventory." Ticket Manager on the Go is the perfect tool to assist in managing your ticket inventory.

Download to your iPad or iPhone free extended trial version

You must have FileMaker Go 15 installed on your iPad to use this solution. If you don't have FileMaker Go installed on your iPhone/iPad, FileMaker Go 15 is a free app on the iTunes App store. After installing FileMaker Go 15, the App will open with a tour of FileMaker Go. If you want to close the tour, tap on the circle icon or folder in the upper left corner and select Close File.
Download FileMaker Go 15

Attention IOS 10 users: There appears to be a conflict with iOS 10 and FileMaker Go 14 that might cause the app to crash for some users or for FileMaker Go 13 to not register OTES on the Go properly. If this issue is happening on your iPad, the solution is to use FileMaker Go 15.

Tap to download Ticket Manager on the Go to your iPad/iPhone
After tapping the blue Download Ticket Manager on the Go link, the download process will start. A little gear will spin in the upper left corner to indicate the file is being downloaded if you are using iOS 7. If you are using iOS 6 you will see a blue progress bar through the web address field. The download should take around 10 to 20 seconds but might take longer due to slow internet speeds. After the file downloads, click Open in FileMaker to finish the download process. FileMaker Go 13 or 14must be installed from the iTunes store on your iPad before you can successfully download Ticket Manager on the Go.

Annual School Year License Costs
College/University - $300.00
High School - $200.00
Middle School/Jr. High/Elementary - $100.00
Other Community/Sports Organizations - $100.00

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Ticket Manager on the Go touch screen

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